The Zones of Regulation with red, blue, yellow, and red lego blocks

We are very pleased to be launching a pilot of the Zones of Regulation with our students in grades K-2 this school year. Consistent use of language and visuals of the 4 "zones" across school settings helps children understand and accept the many things they may feel while providing age-appropriate tools to describe them.  The goal is to empower children to manage their emotions by building skills in awareness and regulation.  Resources on this page are available for you to learn more about the ZONES of Regulation program and how you can use it in your classroom or at home with your child!

Four color zones with facial images

Zones Book Nook

Here is a list of books recommended by both our staff and our many friends on social media. Disclaimer: We have not read each and every book on this list, so please read for yourself before reading with your students. Some books have a Zones color next to them if they work well with a specific Zone. Most work with a wide range of Zones and concepts from the curriculum.