Bus Safety


  • Only the driver, students and authorized personnel are allowed to ride a bus.

  • The bus driver has the same relationship to the child as does the school teacher. It is his/her duty to maintain order on the bus at all times.

  • Upon recommendation of the bus driver, school authorities can deny the PRIVILEGE of riding the bus to any pupil who refuses to follow the rules listed below.

The student will:

a. Obey the driver promptly and respectfully. He/she is working for your safety; you must realize that the driver has a big responsibility and that it is your job to help.

b. Be careful in approaching bus stops, walk on left facing on-coming traffic if there are no sidewalks along the roadside. On leaving the bus, if student is to cross the street, walk 10 steps ahead of the bus and wait for the driver to signal student to cross; never cross behind the bus.

c. Avoid standing or playing on the road while waiting for the bus.

d. Do not destroy or damage surrounding property in any way while waiting for the bus.

e. Help keep the bus on schedule. Be at your stop ten (10) minutes before scheduled stop time.

f. Do not enter or leave the bus until it has come to full stop and the door has been opened by the driver.

g. Take your turn and avoid pushing when entering the bus.

h. Be seated promptly and be careful not to block the aisles. No one is permitted to save seats. Remain seated until the bus stops. The driver has the authority to assign seats as he/she feels necessary.

i. Remember that loud talking or laughing can divert the driver’s attention. Classroom conduct is expected except for conversation in normal tones. There MUST be absolute quiet at railroads and major intersections.

j. No profane language or indecent conduct.

k. Do not open or close windows or doors except by permission of the driver.

l. Help keep the bus clean, sanity and orderly. Deposit garbage in container at the front of the bus. No food or drink shall be consumed on the bus. Those who damage the bus will be expected to pay for damages.

m. No tobacco or juuling on the bus.