Assessment Requirements

An effective assessment plan recognizes the relationship between a school district’s mission and vision, state learning standards, district curriculum, classroom instruction, formative and summative and interim assessment, and student learning. The purpose of the district assessment plan is to ensure that the assessment is fulfilling its intended role within the school district.

The goal of the assessment plan is to provide students, parents, teachers, administrators, board members, and the communities served by the district with accurate, reliable, and valid data that may be used to:

  •  Inform decisions regarding curriculum, instruction, and assessment

  • Ensure alignment of the district curriculum with state learning standards

  • Inform the integration of technology in the classroom

  • Assist in placement of courses

  • Evaluate district programs

  • Inform decisions regarding the allocation of district resources

  • Inform teacher professional development

  • Improve student learning

  • Evaluate the college and career readiness of students

  • Measure student achievement

  • Measure student growth

  • Provide accountability for the district’s stakeholders

Please see the East Porter County District-Wide Assessment Plan for specific details on state-required assessments, district assessments, and the assessment calendar for the school year. You may also visit IDOE’s Office of Student Assessment for assessment updates and requirements from the state of Indiana.