Transfer Enrollment

Dear Parents:

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in our schools. We are pleased that you selected East Porter to partner with you in providing a high-quality education for your child. 

Students who do not live in the school district but who would like to attend our schools must complete a Transfer Request application no later than August 1 of the upcoming school year. Since we are obligated first to enroll the students who live in our school district, we may not be able to inform you of whether your application has been approved until school registration has been completed. The principal may be able to determine before the end of online registration if a newly enrolling transfer student can be accepted.  There will be an in-person registration event for newly enrolling transfer students.  If you are not able to register, you will be notified of admittance no later than August 4.  School starts on August 14.  You should not withdraw your child from his or her current school until you have been notified that your application has been approved. 

Please refer to the transfer students enrollment policy and procedures for complete information about enrolling your child in East Porter County.  


Dr. Aaron J. Case