The mission of Morgan Elementary School is to provide our students with a caring and educationally appropriate learning environment, encouraging each child to work to his or her individual potential. Together with parents and community, our goal is to teach students to use social and educational skills to become productive members of society and life-long learners. Our vision is to deliver education for all in a kid friendly environment.

The educational program at Morgan Township Elementary seeks to integrate instruction of all content areas around the themes of problem solving, reading comprehension and written expression.

The elementary school is part of a larger complex which also houses a middle school and high school. This unique situation allows us to share teaching staff as well as engage older students as classroom assistants and role models for our students. We greatly benefit from the collaborative nature of this learning environment that provides many extra opportunities for our students including after school tutoring, building wide read-a-thons, basketball and cheerleading day camps, and joint holiday projects and activities.