At Morgan Township Elementary we supplement our reading program with Scholastic Reading Counts!.

  • Reading Counts! allows students to read a book, take an online quiz in their classroom or library, and accumulate points when a passing grade is earned.  
  • Students must get at least 7 out of 10 questions correct to earn Reading Counts! points and/or raffle tickets.
  •  RAFFLE INFO: Students fill out a Reading Counts! slip after they pass a quiz.  These slips are put in a raffle. Every Friday (during lunch) Mrs. Niebel draws a name from the Reading Counts! bucket. Students earn prizes if their name is called.  
  • POINTS AND INCENTIVES: Reading Counts! reports are run once a week. PTO provides incentives for accumulated Reading Counts! points. Students may earn the following rewards from PTO:

25 pts - Bookmark

50 pts - Giant Popsicle

75 pts - Extra Recess with a Friend

100 pts - Donut Party

150 pts - Game Party

200 pts - Ice Cream Sundae Party

300 pts - PTO brings lunch in for students to eat with Mrs. Niebel


  • END OF THE YEAR TRIPS: Students that earn the required grade level points three out of four grading periods will participate in end of the year trips sponsored by the PTO.

1st and 2nd grade... IMAX theatre

3rd grade... Funflatables

4th grade... Zao Island

5th grade ... Skyzone


Helpful Search Tips for Parents

Reading Counts! Book Search link

This search engine will provide you with information such as...

the books reading level

number of points earned if a quiz is taken


If your child obtained a book from the school library:

  • All Reading Counts! books will have a red sticker on the book.  

  • The white label on the book offers the exact title as it would be listed in the Reading Counts! directory.  The number of RC! points is listed on the white label.

  • Additional information on library books can be found on the Book Search link above. You may also search by author’s last name.

  • You can find more information about your child’s book by using the Book Search link below.

If your child visited a public library or purchased a book from a store:

  • Use the link to determine if it’s an RC! book.
  • This search engine will provide you with information such as the books reading level and the number of points earned if a quiz is taken.

For more information about Reading Counts! please click on this link About Reading Counts!