Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC)

At Kouts Elementary School, we are a community of readers.  All students are able and encouraged to participate in Reading Counts, but in grades 3-5, it is a requirement for the subject of reading. 

SRC offers a wide variety of reading choices at all reading levels and interests.  Students are able to select a “just right” book for themselves.  (The link for book selection is below.)  Once the book is completed, students take a 10-question multiple choice quiz on the computer, with a minimal goal of 70% correct.  Students are able to retest two times on each book, for a total of three attempts. 

Besides the intrinsic reward of the pure joy of reading a great book, students are rewarded monthly for reaching their goal.  An end-of-year celebration is also held for those students reaching their monthly goal all year. 

Parents are encouraged to be a reading role model for their children by reading a variety of print in the presence of their children.   

The direct link to help children find their “just right” reading level is listed below:

Reading Counts Books by Title