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Study Island is a subscription software program that utilizes standards-based instruction and assessment. Its elearning platforms also help prepare students for testing. In the classroom, teachers use this tool with students to practice and enhance reading and math skills. All students at East Porter County School Corporation have access to Study Island.

In February, Study Island announced their Spring contest: Edmentum Academic Sprints, featuring Study Island.

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In Angie Sutherlin’s Advanced Life Science: Animals class, hands-on learning takes on an entirely new meaning.

The chicken unit is a tradition in class at both Morgan Township and Kouts High School. In the past, students learned through experience and collected data on chicken growth.

Mrs. Sutherlin knew that she wanted to utilize students’ access to Chromebooks to really take her baby chicken unit to the next level. She wanted students to create, explore, and truly make this learning experience personal.

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The vision for our 1:1 program at East Porter County School Corporation is much more than just that of putting a device in the hands of every student. At East Porter, we seek to empower, engage, and enlighten our students. Making the decision to go 1:1 challenges us as educators to provide new and exciting learning opportunities for our students that allow them to create and explore in an authentic way.

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