In Angie Sutherlin’s Advanced Life Science: Animals class, hands-on learning takes on an entirely new meaning.

The chicken unit is a tradition in class at both Morgan Township and Kouts High School. In the past, students learned through experience and collected data on chicken growth.

Mrs. Sutherlin knew that she wanted to utilize students’ access to Chromebooks to really take her baby chicken unit to the next level. She wanted students to create, explore, and truly make this learning experience personal.



Mrs. Sutherlin decided to turn to Google Slides for this purpose. At first glance, Google Slides looks like a substitution of tried and true PowerPoint, but with a few added features such as collaboration. What is so great about Google Apps for Education is that they have the potential to become much more than what their initial purpose might seem to be.

Instead of using Slides as a traditional presentation tool, Mrs. Sutherlin is utilizing them to allow students to create eBooks of everything and anything chicken related. Mrs. Sutherlin started with a simple outline of what the completed project might include and shared a copy with each student. She explained that students would be creating the content rather than recording content given to them. Expectations are high, and student creativity is essential.

Students are also integrating Google Sheets to record data for the chickens. Each day, students weigh and measure the chickens and record the data. Students are also utilizing the chart feature within Sheets to create visual representations of growth. This helps students compare the growth rates of different breeds, as the class is currently a home for four different breeds of chickens.

This is a perfect example of using the technology to enhance learning opportunities that were successful in the past!  Who doesn’t love a good chicken selfie?