Welcome to the East Porter County School Corporation. We serve the students of Kouts (Pleasant Township), Morgan Township, and Washington Township. Our mission is to educate each child in preparation for the future.

Our schools are located on three K-12 campuses in a blend of rural and suburban areas on the fringe of Valparaiso, Indiana. The separate campus arrangement allows students at each of our schools to receive their education in a close-knit environment that fosters their academic and social development. As a result, our students demonstrate impressive academic success. The schools of the East Porter County School Corporation consistently rank among the highest performing in the state on the Indiana Statewide Testing of Educational Progress (ISTEP) assessment.

Our schools have been an integral part of our communities for a very long time. Many of our families have attended school in Kouts, Morgan Township, or Washington Township for generations. We are greatly blessed with the support that our parents, alumni, and community members provide, which helps our students thrive.

Even though our schools are relatively small, our students have many educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom. Our high school students participate in dual-credit classes where they earn both high school and college credit. Some of our students graduate from high school with enough college credits to be considered second semester college freshman. Students in our elementary schools experience education that is differentiated for their instructional level whether they need more time to learn or they are high-ability learners. We know middle school students have unique needs. To help ensure the needs of our middle school students are met, they are assigned to teams of teachers who are able to closely monitor progress.

The School Corporation has made a significant investment in technology to ensure that our students have access to rich and engaging content and online resources. All of our high school students receive a Chromebook at no charge. High school teachers integrate the Chromebook into their instruction to amplify and enhance lessons and to help students develop technology use skills that will be needed in college or in their careers. Middle school and elementary students also have abundant access to computers with classroom sets of laptops, portable laptop carts, and tablets.

While the curriculum for our students is important, it is our caring staff who make it come to life. Our teachers demonstrate exceptional dedication to their students and schools. It is not uncommon for teachers to provide special learning opportunities outside of school hours through coaching students for academic competitions, sports, or individual tutoring. Many of our teachers were once students in East Porter schools and have returned to help prepare the next generation. And it is not only our teachers who invest in our students. Our support staff, whether in the kitchen, classroom, or driving a bus, share in the same desire to see each child succeed.

The best teachers, support staff, and school buildings are only a part of what is needed in a child's education. We need you as your child's parent to be deeply involved in your child's education. Your involvement can be demonstrated through talking with your children every day about what happened in school, checking your child's homework, attending parent-teacher conferences, and volunteering at school. Raising children and educating them is not easy. However, by working together we can accomplish the mission of educating each child in preparation for the future.

If you have questions about our school district or the individual schools, please contact us by using the links on our homepage.




Rod Gardin, Ph.D.