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The East Porter County School Corporation continues to work towards developing and providing appropriate educational experiences for our high ability students. Please see our High Ability Program Manual for details.

Program Goals:

  1. To challenge high ability students to meet their academic potential through intensive curriculum expectations.
  2. To ensure that all students regardless of race, cultural background, and economic status have the opportunity to be identified for high ability services in every grade level.
  3. Provide professional development for educators so they can learn to recognize the characteristics of giftedness and how to meet the unique needs of high ability students.
  4. Inform parents about the high ability program and provide resources for parenting a gifted child.
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the high ability program based upon student achievement on an annual basis.

Elementary Identification Pathways
Middle School Identification Pathways
High Ability Appeal Form
High Ability Exit Guidelines
High Ability Elementary Parent Presentation
IAG Parent Guide

 Executive Session Agenda, October 23, 2017









Credit-Bearing Classes Taken in 8th Grade

Students in 8th grade are permitted to take Algebra I for credit. All students in 8th grade are required to take the College and Careers class, which also bears high school credit.
In order to earn high school credit, the student must have a grade of C- or higher in the class each semester. The grade from this class will count in the student’s high school GPA, and will be used in determining class rank throughout the student’s high school career.
A student earning an F, D-, D, or D+ may retake the class one time (either during summer school or freshman year). The grade originally earned from the class will remain on the student’s transcript, but the grade will not count in the student’s GPA. The grade earned from the second attempt at the class will appear on the student’s transcript and will count in the student’s GPA. Credit cannot be awarded for both the first and second attempts at the same class.

Updated IDOE guidance on High School Credit for Courses Completed Prior to Grade 9 June 3, 2015



What is Title I?

  1. Title I is part of the No Child Left Behind legislation that provides supplemental federal funding for low achieving children in schools that provide free and reduced lunches for disadvantaged students.
  2. Title I is a program that provides extra academic support and learning opportunities for children farthest from meeting challenging state standards.

How does the money get to my school district?

  1. The money travels from the federal government to Indiana to East Porter County School Corporation and then to eligible schools within the district.  Currently, the eligible schools in East Porter County are Washington Township Elementary and Kouts Elementary School.

  2. Census data are used to determine the amount of Title I money the district receives.

How does Title I help schools?

  1. Title I helps schools by supplementing the regular education program and by helping students meet the Indiana Academic Standards.

Which students receive Title I services?

  1. Services to children are based on the academic needs of individual children, not on the socioeconomic level of a child or his/her family.
  2. These students may be served:
    1. Migrant children
    2. Children with limited English proficiency
    3. Children who are homeless
    4. Children with disabilities
    5. Any child who is in academic need

What about accountability?

  • Title I requires states to develop standards and assessments that will challenge students served by Title I programs to perform to high levels.
  • Research suggests that high standards, when coupled with valid and reliable assessments and aligned support, can exert a powerful influence over what children are taught and how much they learn.

IDOE Title I Information



Celeste Robinson: Kouts School 

766-2231 ext 4312

Kim Lambka: Morgan Township

462-5883 ext 3306

Jennifer Symer: Washington Township

 464-3598 ext 5367

The guidance department provides a variety of services to help the students to be prepared for their goals after high school.

Among the services provided are:

Program Planning: The guidance department tries to help each student appraise  his/her abilities and then plan a high school program that will help his/her vocational and educational choices.

Post-High School Education: There is extensive information (entrance requirements, addresses, costs, scholarships) on four-year colleges, trade schools, technical schools, business schools, correspondence and home study courses available.

Career Awareness:  The guidance office has a number of books and resources available about careers.  Also, available are several computer-based occupational searches.  These systems match potential interests with potential careers.                       

Personal/Social:  The door is always open to students with any personal concerns.  Referrals are recommended when deemed necessary.           

Academic Monitoring:  Students are monitored as to how they are doing academically.  Progress reports, assignment sheets, study skills, etc.,  are provided.  Students can also obtain their GPA, class rank, credits, test scores, etc.

Click Here for academic guidance, including Indiana’s Graduation Requirements.

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