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Online Classes
High school students are able to take online classes under certain circumstances.

Circumstances for Enrollment -
High school students will be permitted to enroll in online classes in the following circumstances:
1. The class is not offered at any school in East Porter County;
2. There is a conflict in the student’s schedule that cannot be resolved by rearranging the student’s schedule and the conflict would prevent the student from graduating at the expected time or from qualifying for an Academic Honors Diploma or a Technical Honors Diploma;
3. Due to the student’s health, the student cannot regularly attend school;
4. To graduate before completing eight semesters of high school;
5. To meet Indiana graduation requirements when a student transfers from another state.
A student may not enroll in an online class to avoid a particular teacher.
Application for Enrollment –
Students will be required to complete an enrollment application, which is to be signed by the student’s parent(s), guidance counselor, and principal. The completed application must be submitted to the guidance counselor by May 1 for summer school and the upcoming school year.
Enrollment requires the approval of the guidance counselor and principal.

Length of the Student’s Day –
The student’s school day shall not be shortened in compensation for enrolling in an online class. The student will be expected to attend school during regular school hours, unless a shortened day is medically necessary as substantiated by a physician’s written statement.

Setting –
The student may access the online class at his or her school if the student has an open period during the day. The student may also access the class outside of the school day from home or any other location where Internet access is available.

Finals –
All students taking an online class will be required to take the final at school under the supervision of school personnel. Additionally, the student must pass the final to pass the class and to earn credit for the class regardless of other grades earned during the term of the class.

Equipment and Materials –
Students are provided take home devices which would allow the completion of online course work at home. However, the school corporation will not provide computer an Internet connection or pay for an Internet connection in the student’s home. The cost for materials (i.e., textbooks, reference books, etc.) will be charged on the textbook rental form

Approved Providers –
1. East Porter County School Corporation Odysseyware
2. Indiana University High School
3. Indiana Virtual Academy
4. Ball State Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities

Allowable Number of Credits –
High school students will be permitted to earn twenty-percent of the number of credits required for graduation and diploma requirements. For a Core 40 Diploma, a student may earn eight (8) credits online. For an Academic Honors Diploma or a Technical Honors Diploma, a student may earn ten (10) credits online.

Grade Point Average –
Letter grades from online classes will be used in the calculation of grade point average, class rank, or awards such as valedictorian or salutatorian.

Cost of Classes –
There will be a cost to students enrolling in the East Porter County School Corporation Odysseyware or in summer classes through the Indiana Virtual Academy. 
Odysseyware: There will be a $35 fee for any course that utilizes Odysseyware as its content provider.
Summer Classes Through Indiana Virtual Academy: There will be a $45 fee for each class, which will be refunded if the student completes the class with at least a grade of C.

If the class is required to qualify for an Academic Honors Diploma or Technical Honors Diploma, and the class or another class that would satisfy graduation or diploma requirements is not available in the School Corporation, the School Corporation will pay for the class. If the School Corporation pays for the class, the School Corporation will choose the provider of the class. In all other cases, the student’s parent will pay for the class(es).