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Curriculum and Instruction at East Porter County School Corporation

The focus of the Curriculum and Instruction Department in the East Porter County School Corporation is to improve teaching and learning. Our teachers are extremely dedicated and want to be on the front edge of the best practices in education. It is our responsibility to provide opportunities for teachers to collaborate about teaching and learning and to provide professional development opportunities to ensure the highest level of teacher and student performance.

Curriculum Cabinet

The Curriculum Cabinet is made up of teachers, administrators, and counselors. The primary responsibilities of the curriculum cabinet are to ensure: vertical alignment of the K-12 curriculum; alignment with state and national standards; curriculum renewal and material adoption; creation of formative, summative and benchmark assessments; data reviews; and providing focused professional development opportunities for teachers to enhance their skills to better serve all students.


To assist in providing a coordinated rigorous curriculum for development of all students in grades K-12.


The responsibilities of the Curriculum Cabinet is as follows:
1. Work with the Director of Curriculum and Instruction on curriculum matters.
2. Formulate long-term district plans.
3. Plan for committees to work on selected areas.
4. Plan for communication of curriculum work to staff and community.
5. Plan for continuous evaluation and revision of the curriculum.
6. Prepare recommendations concerning proposed curriculum programs to forward to Superintendent.


The Curriculum Cabinet will meet a minimum of three times per year to discuss and take action on items related to curriculum. Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.


Mrs. Christine Gesiakowski

Director of Curriculum and Instruction
P: 219-766-2214 ext 4001

[email protected]